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Invest in Yourself

Your health is an investment not an expense.

It's easy to make these sort statements when one has the option or opportunity to choose. For many people it is survival mode 24/7. Choosing the essentials only, is the only option and just barely making it is the results.

If we are lucky enough to be in a position to choose. One should always choose what's best for our mind, body and soul. Recently, I was lucky enough to choose to invest in my health by enrolling in Beach Body and  becoming a coach (BBC).  With this subscription I received my 1st month of Shakeology and year subscription of unlimited workout videos on demand. So far, it was a great investment already resulting in weight loss dividends. I mean, when your old trainer tells you "OMG JMe you look thin, what are you doing" not even a month into starting Shakeology then you KNOW you're doing something right.

I know weight loss is just a numbers game. If you burn more
than you consume you should be able to …

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